Location:AL - Tuscaloosa
Job Category:News Room / Editorial
Division:GateHouse Media

Job Summary:

Responsible for gathering information on an assigned beat and writing daily and enterprise stories related to that beat.

Essential Job Duties, Responsibilities and Skills:

  1. Job performance must always be aligned with the primary job responsibility of customer satisfaction - for both internal and external customers. Customers are defined as anyone that does or may come in contact with your department, our products or services. This effectively defines the customer as everyone.
  2. Active participation in teamwork in your everyday work and/or on special project teams.
  3. Must have valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, mobility and automobile.
  4. Must read, write, speak and understand English.
  5. Reporting.
  1. Accuracy. A record of inaccuracy on facts that could be checked by normal reporting techniques is unacceptable.
  2. Fairness. Writers should bring a sense of fairness and balance to each reporting assignment by striving to present all sides of issues with necessary backgrounding and without bias.
  3. Source, beat development. Writers should know the characteristics, personalities of their beats; know where to go and how to get answers to their questions; generate inside information not easily obtainable; have contacts not directly connected with their beats who can provide help in developing stories in the beat area.
  4. Resourcefulness, enterprise, aggressiveness. Writers routinely should identify stories and newsworthy developments; explore new angles to routine stories; persist in pursuing sources and new angles on stories and providing human dimension to stories; adequately prepare for assignments through background research, discussions with editors and reporters who may have information relevant to the story and contacts with community resources.
  5. Completeness. Writers should develop stories to their logical conclusion; understand and include relevant background; and do appropriate follow-up reporting.
  6. News sense. Writers should have clear ability to determine what the most important element(s) of a story is (are) and to otherwise assess the significance of events they are covering.
  7. Visual perspective. Writers must understand that part of their role is to help identify visual potential of stories. They should make consistent efforts to suggest photos and graphics, and their ideas must be put forward in time to get the photos and graphics produced.
  8. Teamwork. Writers are expected to participate effectively in group planning efforts and in execution of related assignments.

6. Writing.

  1. Clarity. Writers must convey the central element of stories effectively, that is writing accurately in readily understandable and grammatical English.

Essential Job Duties, Responsibilities and Skills:

  1. Organization. Stories flow logically from one point to another; transitions should make sense and not be contrived; and the story should require little editing.
  2. Effective leads. Leads should focus on the right element(s) of the story, be appropriate in tone, and show ingenuity.
  3. Appropriate length. Stories should contain all important information and answer questions raised, but should not be overwritten and include extraneous information.
  4. Productivity. Writers should be capable of both reporting and writing spot news; features that require interviews, investigation and research; and major, lengthy stories on complex subjects. The length of time required to complete assignments is to be determined in consultation with supervising editors.
  1. Computer literate with usage 60% of time.
  2. Constant use of phones (headsets available).
  3. Able to react to change productively and handle other essential duties as assigned.
  4. This description may not necessarily contain all of the actual or essential duties of this position.

Peripheral Job Duties, Responsibilities and Skills:

  1. Perform other duties as assigned.


Preferred Job Specifications:


Degree in journalism or related discipline.


Minimum of one year of daily newspaper reporting/writing.

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